Fulfill an Ancient Commandment in Modern Israel

As an umbrella organization, Leket Israel also work's to assist at-risk population groups and the NPOs who serve them through nutrition education, capacity building, and food safety projects designed to improve professional operating standards. Leket Israel serves all population groups at-risk in Israel regardless of gender, ethnic background, or religion. 

For the just cost of a coffee you can provide 3 nutritious meals for a Holocaust survivor.  You can bless Israel by being a gift to His people.  Please stand with Israel, stand with God...today.  Supporting the work of Leket Israel is a great way to say: "Israel, You're not alone!" 

Our Process and Impact



Leket Israel's 50,000 Christian and Jewish volunteers glean fresh and nutritious foods from across Israel


A Bountiful Harvest

Each week Leket Israel gleans 300 tonnes, distributing 25 million pounds in 2014


Feeding those in Need

Each week Leket Israel feeds 150,000 Israelis and provides tens of thousands of students with sandwiches.


Leket Israel is hard at work providing for the two million Israelis living below the poverty line. Fulfilling the ancient commandment to provide for the least of the people of Israel. We work with over 180 non profit organizations and hundreds of schools, providing them with the food they need. 



About Us


Serving All

Founded in 2003 Leket Israel works to help Jews, Arabs and Muslims in the Holy Land


Leket: Its Biblical

We work to fulfill Lev. 19:9, Lev. 23:22, Ruth 2:15 and Romans 15:27 in the modern world.



We believe in proper stewardship and transparency across all aspects of our organization.



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Show Leket Israel to your church and be blessed! We offer a video DVD you can show in your church to increase your love of Israel.


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There are many things you can do to assist Leket Israel.The big thing is simply getting word out that, as Christians, we have a biblical mandate to stand with and bless the people of Israel.  That a high rate poverty exists in Israel.  That partnering with Leket; an Israeli charity, is a great way to be a part of what God is doing in the land.


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