Many Christians are unaware of the growing rate of poverty in Israel.

Jerusalem Report magazine in a Jan 16, 2012 cover story focusing on poverty indicates that, after counting welfare transfers and other social benefits, an astounding 32.6% of Israelis live under the poverty line. This includes 36% of Israeli children and 25% of Israeli Holocaust survivors.

Paradoxically, every year in Israel, millions of pounds of excess prepared and perishable food are thrown in the garbage. Leket Israel was founded in January 2003 to ensure that excess food isn’t wasted, but rather ends up at its proper destination: people in need.

Serving as Israel’s umbrella organization for the donation of surplus food, Leket Israel  collects excess, unsold food and delivers the food to non-profit organizations throughout Israel that serve those in need. Read More »


A $50 donation = 3 meals/day for 1 family for 1 month!

In 2011, Leket Israel was able to rescue from over 350 food producers, 700,000 meals and over 21 million lbs of produce and perishable manufactured food items, redistributing it to 300 non profit organizations working with the needy.  The organization also distributed over 1,250,000 meals to school children from dysfunctional homes in 24 cities. Read More »

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    "Leket Israel is a wonderful organization. They put biblical principles to work in the real world. I appreciate them very much." Steve Spillman, Author - Breaking the Treasure Code
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