In Israel today, there are many thousands of children of all ages, who attend school hungry, without having eaten breakfast and with no sandwich in their school bag. Furthermore, they are not certain that any hot meal will be waiting for them at the end of the school day.

Nevet Sandwich Program provides sandwiches for children from dysfunctional homes, allowing them to concentrate on their studies and move towards a better future.

The sandwich that is distributed at the ten o’clock break is the nutritional anchor of the childrens’ mornings. It majorly contributes to the decrease in child delinquency and absence from lessons, encouraging children to stay in school for more hours.

Thus, the Nevet program has proven to improve students’ grades and achievements. It opens a whole window of possibilities, affording them with the opportunity to succeed and hopefully, move out of the cycle of poverty.

It is now 10 years since its founding and the program currently delivers a fresh sandwich to 8,000 students daily – approximately 1,400,000 sandwiches a year, in over 130 schools through 42 municipalities nationwide. There are many thousands of children on the Nevet waiting list.

Reports from schools highlight the enormous success of the program in alleviating a serious and often ignored problem. Children who were erroneously diagnosed with severe learning disabilities are now more able to participate in lessons, are quieter in class and are less violent overall. Accordingly, their grades are rising. Nevet has received many letters from principles and teachers expressing their gratitude and describing the positive changes that have taken place in their schools as a result of this program.

Nevet not only provides children with the ability to study on a full stomach, but also gives them the chance to study better, to succeed, and to attain goals that would have otherwise been considered out of their reach. This acts as a stepping stone for the children to become contributing members of society.

The program is overseen by Leket Israel’s in-house nutritionist who ensures that all the sandwich ingredients are healthy and nutritious.

Breakfast Programs around the world:

USA: There are breakfast programs for disadvantaged children in many cities across the country. In New York for example, children need to opt-out if they do not want the breakfast that is distributed to all schoolchildren.

UK: The Magic Breakfast Program is a national initiative by an NPO receiving government support. In addition, there are a number of other regional programs.

Facts and Figures about “Nevet” for 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Average number of children in the project: 8,000
  • Annual number of sandwiches distributed: 1,400,000
  • Number of schools: 134
  • Number of local municipalities: 42
  • Number of children on waiting list: 4,390
  • Budget costs: 1.2M USD. Nevet operates the program independently with the support of private donors and corporate donations, without any governmental assistance.

For the last 10 years, the program has been operating through an efficient work model, enabling it to become the leading nutritional program in schools in Israel based on the following criteria:

  •  Low costs
  •  Adherence to food health and safety guidelines
  •  A nationwide logistics network
  •  Partnerships with corporations
  •  Collaboration with local municipalities
  •  Building cooperation within communities

“Nevet” Mission and Objectives for the future:

  • To expand Nevet so that it becomes a national program that supplies tens of thousands of sandwiches daily.
  • To become an essential part of the National School Nutrition Program.
  • To widen and strengthen the cooperation with the Government in partnership with municipalities, corporations, philanthropic organizations and private donors. This addresses the increasing need among disadvantaged children to receive nutritional security during their school day.

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