The principle at the core of Leket Israel is a simple one– rescuing surplus food and distributing it to needy populations. However, its implementation is complex. Leket’s Logistics Department makes up the DNA of the organization; constantly seeking to maximize the organization’s economic efficiency while transporting food donations from numerous locations to multiple other points,  and at the same time, ensuring its quality and safety.

The department adheres to strategic professional models. It’s highly sophisticated logistics system includes two state of the art logistics centers, a fleet of 10 refrigerated trucks (in addition to outsourced trucking), implementation of strict work methods, a heartwarming group of dedicated volunteers and Leket’s skilled staff.

Leket Israel’s Logistics Department is similar to a large Israeli food corporation. The work processes include: equipment orders and booking deliveries, delivery to site, food unloading and storage, inventory reports, supply coordination according to distribution key, preparation of food pallets and their distribution to Leket Israel partner NPOs, in line with the NPOs ever-changing needs. Every step of the operation is computerized and includes the follow procedures: work orders, delivery certificates, inventory documents etc.

This kind of approach is unusual in the Israeli third sector. Striving for effective and efficient management remains the driving force for Leket Israel’s success and continued growth.

Operational Model

Computerized Management

The Logistics Department is managed through an advanced ERP program called priority. Priority monitors all the logistical activities and inventory of equipment and goods, keeps information updated and provides on-demand reports in real-time.

Receiving an equipment request from the field

The logistics side of the food collection is maintained by a carefully monitored system:

  • Field coordinator submit a request for equipment to coordinate food collection.
  • The Logistics Department then provides the requested equipment.
  • The food donation then arrives at the logistics center, where it is documented, unloaded and stored.
  • The Call Center is then responsible for distributing the food donation.

Call Center

Our Call Centet receives ongoing updates about the warehouses’ inventories. The Call Center’s representatives coordinate delivery with Leket partner NPOs’ needs.

The food is distributed using Leket Israel’s egalitarian distribution key, based on the number of people receiving food from each NPO (1.5 kgs. or 3.3 lbs. of each product per family).

  • Each day, the Call Center phones agencies that are due to receive a delivery from Leket, informing them what it will contain.
  • Leket Israel delivers to about 35 NPOs each day, to coordinate with the NPO’s distribution schedule.

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