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Leket Israel provides 35 percent of LaSova's food, more than any other source. By partnering with Leket Israel, you can help us provide support to NGO's like this, boosting their effectiveness and helping hundreds of thousands of people across the country!
Importance of Food Rescue Recognized
US Ambassador Dan Shapiro and his wife Julie Fisher, who are volunteers of the organizatio
"It feels home-cooked, and everything is clean and safe."
Jesus was Not the First Christian - He lived and died a Jew
It can seem like there is a wide gulf between these simple pilgrims and ourselves, after all what need can there be to care about Jerusalem when Christ now dwells inside us?
At Leket, we are always ready for an unexpected opportunity to rescue food.
Leket Israel in partnership with BDO, released its Third National Report on Food Waste and Rescue in Israel. The press conference was held on March 13, 2018.
Four young men with special needs accompany and assist Leket Israel drivers in collecting and distributing hot meals.