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    Get Involved




Select a Sunday - perhaps to coincide with a holiday, show the five minute Leket Israel video and collect an offering for Israel’s poor. It’s that
simple! This is a time when Israel needs the Church more than ever to help her. You can be a part of making a great change in the lives of many!
We will supply all the materials that you need to make this possible:


  • DVD containing a 5 minute video describing the work of Leket Israel
  • Brochures
  • Opportunities to bless Israel flyers


  • Donation response cards and return envelopes
  • FREE ‘Home of Hope’ Audio CD by Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain


Visiting Israel?

Sample Itinerary


Each year Christians from around the world travel to Israel to see sacred sites, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, where He was baptised or the site of His crucifixion. Leket Israel can offer Christians more than simply seeing sights, we offer Christians a chance to participate in God's work directly by showing their support in a physical way. Help feed Israelis in need on your next visit!


It is the Holiest site for Jews around the world. Throughout the year you will see many both Jews and Christians praying at the Western Wall in their hands they will have with them heartfelt prayers written by loved ones to be inserted into the cracks of this wall. Christian Friends of Leket Israel is offering you the chance to have your prayers left at this historic site, a physical sign of your connection as a Christian to the People of Israel.