Gleaning in the Fields of Boaz

Leket Israel Gleans over 30 Million Pounds of Fresh Produce for Israelis in Need

Together as Christians for Israel

Be a hands on part of God’s Plan to bring Christians to Support the People of Israel

Feeding over 175,000 Israelis Weekly

Leket Israel works with everyone to reach those who need it most

Hunger: Israel’s Hidden Security Threat

One in Five

Israeli families are nutritionally insecure


Children go to school hungry each day

One in Four

Holocaust survivors are living in Poverty

Getting Food to Those Who Need It

Soup Kitchens

Even every day working Israelis can be threatened with hunger, many with families to support as well. Because of this Leket Israel works with soup kitchens across the country.

Seniors Homes

One in Four Israelis who experienced the deprivations of the Holocaust are experiencing them again in old age, Leket Israel works with dozens of seniors homes across the country to assist them


Nutrition is one of the most critical indicators of a child’s future. Leket Israel is there for hundreds of students below the poverty line

Gleaning in the Fields of Boaz

Leket Israel fulfills Biblical Commandments to source healthy, nutritious food for those in need across Israel

2,250,000 Hot Meals

Thanks to partnerships with the IDF, Businesses and others, Leket Israel recieved over two million hot meals in 2018

15,500 Tons of Fruits and Vegetables

Thanks to partnerships with farmers across Israel, Leket has gleaned 15,500 tons of fruits and vegetables in 2018

52,000 Volunteers

Both Jews and Christians have travelled to Israel to assist in Leket’s work, over fifty thousand worked with us last year


The word Leket means to Glean, to provide for the poor and hungry from the bounty of the fields as commanded in Deuteronomy 24.


Leket Israel is committed to financial integrity and transparency, which is why we provide our yearly financial reports.



In its fifteen years of operation Leket Israel has been endorsed by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former ambassador Dan Shapiro and has worked to implement bills with the Knesset

If it wasn’t for places like the soup kitchen and organizations like Leket Israel, I would be eating out of garbage pails. I am so grateful that there are wonderful people out there caring for the weaker population


Leket Recipient

This is one of the new elderly centers that we began working with several weeks ago as a part of our new initiative. Leket provided new hot plates for them to maintain warmth of food after it is delivered to them

Merkaz L’Gil Hazahav

Elderly Center in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

“Leket Israel is one of those organizations you can’t believe didn’t exist before it existed. They feed 175,000 people every day through partnerships with more than 200 non-profit organizations. Those are staggering numbers. One man started it. One group of individuals made it grow.”

Mayim Bialik

Star of NBC's Big Bang Theory