Half of the food that is thrown away can be saved and used. Learn how to rescue food and save time and money.

Moran Kilzi, Registered Dietician


  • Plan in advance and create a shopping list to help you save money and eat better. Before going to the supermarket, write an organized list of just the items you need.
  • “On Sale”: Avoid buying items that are not on your list if you don’t have a real need for them.
  • Expiration dates: Check expiration dates, especially on sale items.
  • Buy groceries after you’ve eaten, don’t shop on an empty stomach.


  • Don’t wait for food to cool, put it straight in the refrigerator: When food is left at room temperature, the bacteria already in the food multiply rapidly. Cold temperatures slow bacterial growth, so it’s best to put food in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.
  • Freeze food immediately after cooking: if you prepare a large amount of food, it is better to freeze it and defrost as needed instead of leaving it in the refrigerator until it goes bad and needs to be thrown away.
  • Don’t wash fruits and vegetables before storing them: Washing produce only when you’re ready to use it, help it stay fresh for longer.
  • Separate tomatoes and cucumbers: It’s best not to store tomatoes and cucumbers in the same drawer. Tomatoes release a gas that makes cucumbers spoil more quickly.


  • Use leftovers: make recipes from leftovers in order to reduce the amount of food you throw away. For example: make a casserole with cooked pasta, mashed potatoes from baked potatoes or chicken salad with leftover chicken to put in a sandwich.

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