At Leket, we are always ready for an unexpected opportunity to rescue food. Last month, we were able to rescue over 55,000 lbs. of grade-A broccoli within 24 hours of receiving the first call. Here’s how it happened:

February 4th: The Call

2:00pm: Leket field manager, Eyal, received a call that a large shipment of broccoli had been rejected by a major frozen food company and that Leket Israel might be able to rescue it.

5:00pm: Eyal received permission from the frozen food company to inspect the quality of the broccoli the next day.

February 5th: The Harvest

6:15am: Leket Israel field staff were on site, checked the produce and found it to be of excellent quality. The next few of hours were spent making arrangements, finding a location to bring the broccoli, ensuring the company’s equipment was returned on time and finding a truck to transport the unexpected bounty.

8:30am: The broccoli was brought to Leket’s fields in Nahalal where volunteers assisted in sorting it into Leket equipment.

1:30pm: All 25 tons of broccoli were safely stored in the refrigerators at Leket’s Ra’anana Logistics Center, ready to be distributed to the needy.

This month Leket Israel also harvested the first 5 tons of cucumbers from our Binyamina greenhouses and rescued 307 tons of potatoes.

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