Every weekday Leket Israel delivers around 100 hot meals to the Ort Beit Ha’arava High School in Jerusalem. The high school is part of the Ort network of schools which provide vocational training in addition to the standard curriculum. The school has been receiving rescued meals from Leket for about two years.

Ilanit, an administrator at the school shares, “Most of the students are not able to receive an adequate lunch from home. Bringing all of the students together to eat a filling and nutritious meals changes the whole atmosphere at the school, it brings a calm and a feeling of equality. One student said that the lunches remind him of Shabbat meals at his grandmother’s house.

The school works to instill the values of giving back in its students and regularly brings them to volunteer harvesting vegetables for the needy in Leket Israel’s fields. In the photo, eleventh graders from Ort Beit Ha’Arava join Tachlit volunteers in packing food baskets for needy families.

The Beit Ha’arava High School is part of the Ort network of schools that provide vocational training as well as a high quality standard education to youth at risk. Courses and internships are offered in auto repair, hairstyling, cell phone repair, tech support and more, enabling students to graduate with valuable job skills. The hot lunches provided by Leket Israel allow the students to stay focused through a longer school day so that they can get the most out of their education.

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