1. Jesus was Not the First Christian – He lived and died a Jew

“So that’s why it said ‘King of the Jews’!?” The question was asked sincerely by a Presbyterian youth leader whose Church I spoke at a few years ago. Modern Christianity has so stripped itself of its Jewish heritage that a simple, obvious fact like Jesus’ Jewishness is downplayed and ignored. I don’t believe that one single passage of Scripture should ever be ignored, and there are many which clearly state Jesus maintained his Jewishness. He had his Brit Milah (circumcision) and Pidyon Haben (Redemption of the First Born) at the Temple in Jerusalem in accordance with Mosaic Law. He wore a Tzit Tzit (prayer shawl) and went to the synagogue on Shabbat and the Temple on the High Holy Days. The Gospels clearly portray him as Torah observant Jew. That is why when He was crucified they named Him “King of the Jews”.

While we as Christians must certainly rejoice that Jesus came and died for all of us, Jesus Himself affirmed our connection to the Jews by dispaying his Jewish Identity throughout his life!

2. Christians owe a Spiritual and Material Debt to the Jewish People

This one might seem odd to my readers, it struck me as odd when I read it in the Bible but as Christians we owe a spiritual debt to the Jewish People. Romans 15:27 clearly states regarding Christians and Jews, “For if the Gentiles have been partakers of their [referring to Jews] spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them in material things.” The Salvation of Christians is just one phase in God’s Plan for humanity, a plan which began with His Covenant relationship with the Jewish People which Christians have been grafted into. Because of this we as Christians have been commanded to be there to minister for the physical needs of the people of Israel. Sadly these needs are severe as right now hundreds of thousands of school children and elderly Holocaust survivors are lacking the basic daily nutrition they require. Fortunately through Leket Israel we can make a positive difference in their lives and follow this Biblical Commandment!

3. Be a Part of The Plan Ordained by God!

You know only one country on Earth has a history book written by God. Every nation, from Rome to America has been created by men, their history written by men… except Israel. Israel and the Jewish People are the only ones who can say they exist because God has ordained it so. Their history began with God’s Covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their prosperity and survival against all odds was a Divine Guarantee. The fact that Israel exists today after the cataclysm of the Holocaust is direct, tangible evidence of God’s working among the Jewish People. When we as Christians stand in solidarity with Israel we are standing directly beside God as he moves in a powerful way. There is no other opportunity in the world like this today.

That is why I stand with Israel!

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