Leket Israel provides food to soup kitchens throughout the country and it is amazing how this little service changes lives in a really big way.

Yitzhak is 30 years old, has a history of psychiatric illness and lives in Netanya. He grew up in a large family with six siblings. He left home at age 14 and ended up living on the streets and working at a horse stable. At 16, he began learning in a Yeshiva for two years, got married at 19 and then did army service for 3 years. After completing the army, Yitzhak’s wife divorced him. He subsequently met his second wife, but his mental illness caused him to divorce her. He is currently the father of four.

He eats both his daily breakfast and lunch at a local soup kitchen that Leket lsrael supports. Every Friday night, Yitzhak takes his children to the Netanya soup kitchen for dinner. “Otherwise, I would have no way of providing my family with a Sabbath meal,” says Yitzchak. “The welcoming atmosphere truly has a feeling like family and my children look forward to eating there with me. They even say that they are so special since I take them to a restaurant on the Sabbath.”

Yitzhak continued: “If it wasn’t for places like the soup kitchen and organizations like Leket Israel, I would be eating out of garbage pails. I am so grateful that there are wonderful people out there caring for the weaker population.”

Yitzhak is one of the one hundred and fifty thousand people our partner organizations are able to feed each week with food provided by Leket Israel.

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