WW2 PosterDid Carrots Really Help Win World War 2?

Winston Churchill once said that allied secrets can be “so important they must be protected with a body guard of lies”, one of which was the myth the British had bred a kind of carrot so rich in Vitamin A it allowed RAF pilots to see in the dark, helping them win the Battle of Britain. Since then the myth has gained a life of its own and while carrots rich in vitamin A can boost your vision and over all health the real lie was spread to cover up the real secret to RAF success – the invention of the Radar.


Yes, Carrots Can Literally Turn You Orange

Carotenosis is a condition of the skin on the palms or feet in which the skin takes on an orange color after consuming a great deal of carrots. It is specifically the Beta-Carotene in carrots and other foods which can accumulate in the fat under the skin, eventually giving the skin above a greater orange pigmentation.

Not Always Orange

It may surprise you, but up until the seventeenth century carrots were common in blue, red, green, yellow and other colors across Europe. Dutch farmers cultivated the orange carrot in honor of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange which gradually game to dominate the local and then gradually global carrot market.

Some Surprising Health Benefits

The Website Medical News Today goes into detail on the health benefits of carrots. The Beta-Carotene acts as an anti oxidants which reduces free radicals in the body. This can have cancer fighting effects from lung cancer to leukemia. The potassium can also act to reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure when steps are also taken to reduce sodium intake. The Vitamin A in carrots can also help repair certain illnesses of the eye which are caused by Vitamin A deficiency.


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