A Night with John Hagee

An Eye Opening Night in Honor of John Hagee

Food Waste Prevention Tips

Learn some solid tips for effective shopping, storage and eating so that you can save money and cut down on food waste.

Big Bang Theory Star on Leket Israel

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Fowler, worked with Leket

To Israel with Love

Celebrating Israel at Church

Nevet Sandwich Program

It is now 10 years since its founding and the program currently delivers a fresh sandwich to 8,000 students daily

Tonnes of Spuds for Israel’s Needy

During the night, 8 trucks traveled down south to pick up the crop of 200 tons of potatoes. These 200 tons of potatoes will feed 100,000 needy families.

Leket Israel Founder Honored with Prestigious Yigal Alon Prize

The nation’s food bank, Leket Israel’s Founder and Chairman Joseph Gitler, was awarded the country’s prestigious Yigal Alon Prize for his significant impact in the campaign against hunger in Israel.

US envoy Dan Shapiro visits Leket Israel’s rebuilt facility

With the help of more than 50,000 volunteers, Leket Israel rescues 1.5 million hot meals and some 11 million kg. of produce and perishable goods annually. 

Merkaz L’Gil Hazahav: Elderly Center in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

This is one of the new elderly centers that we began working with several weeks ago as a part of our new initiative.

Should Modern Christians also Pray for Jerusalem?

It can seem like there is a wide gulf between these simple pilgrims and ourselves, after all what need can there be to care about Jerusalem when Christ now dwells inside us?

Nutrition and Food Safety

Leket’s department of nutrition and food safety was established in order improve the quality and variety of food that Leket provides to its nonprofit partners.

Our Logistics

The principle at the core of Leket Israel is a simple one– rescuing surplus food and distributing it to needy populations. 

Leket Israel’s Agricultural Gleaning Department is the only one of its kind worldwide

This department rescues thousands of tons of nutritious and high quality produce slated for destruction or wasted along the food chain.

Leket Israel: Helping Non Profit Organizations Help Those in Need

The NPO Agency Relations Department is responsible for the ongoing relationship between Leket Israel and the hundreds of Leket partner NPOs

Yitzhak’s Story

Leket Israel provides food to soup kitchens throughout the country and it is amazing how this little service changes lives in a really big way.

An Unexpected Bounty of Broccoli

At Leket, we are always ready for an unexpected opportunity to rescue food. Last month, we were able to rescue over 55,000 lbs. of grade-A broccoli within 24 hours of receiving the first call. Here’s how it happened:

National Report on Food Waste and Rescue in Israel

Leket Israel in partnership with BDO, released its Third National Report on Food Waste and Rescue in Israel. The press conference was held on March 13, 2018.

Leket Israel: Helping Non Profit Organizations Help Those in Need

The NPO Agency Relations Department is responsible for the ongoing relationship between Leket Israel and the hundreds of Leket partner NPOs

Meet Leket Israel’s Drivers’ Assistants

Four young men with special needs accompany and assist Leket Israel drivers in collecting and distributing hot meals.

Spotlight on a Leket NPO Partner: Ort Beit Ha’arava High School

Every weekday Leket Israel delivers around 100 hot meals to the Ort Beit Ha’arava High School in Jerusalem. 

The Knesset and Israel Electric Company: New and Renewed Food Donor Partnerships

With the start of the New Year, on January 2nd the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) began donating the surplus food from their staff cafeteria. Around 100 meals each day are collected and brought to the Nitzav Refael soup kitchen in Jerusalem.

Food Waste Cooking Workshop Featured in Israeli Media

On January 3rd, Turkish-French-Jewish chef Sibel Pinto gave an exclusive cooking workshop at our Founder and Chairman, Joseph Gitler’s house using the parts of fruits and vegetables that would normally be thrown away.

Member of Knesset Meirav Ben-Ari Visits Leket Israel’s Ra’anana Logistics Center

On March 19, Member of Knesset Meirav Ben-Ari visited Leket Israel’s Ra’anana Logistics Center.

Why Are Two Million Israelis Hungry?

 Leket Israel—The National Food Bank, now entering its 13th year of serving Israelis in need, rescues fresh, perishable food that would have otherwise gone to waste and redistributes it to 190 nonprofit organizations serving more than 140,000 people weekly.

What is an Attitude of “Graftitude”?

Because God keeps His promises He offers a compelling metaphor of how we as Christians should relate to those who bear the history of the Covenants, the Jewish People. 

A Fresh Start – From the IDF to Youth at Risk

As we welcome in the new school year, Leket Israel has initiated partnerships with five last-chance high schools providing Israel’s youth at risk with daily hot, nutritious meals from IDF bases and hotels.

Rudy Giuliani Visits Leket Israel’s Logistics Center

Jewish News Service – Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday visited the facility of Leket Israel, one of the Jewish state’s largest food rescue and redistribution operations.