Bless Israel

Have Fun!

Don’t just be a Tourist, help Israelis in Need Directly

On your next tour to Israel, join the more than 50,000 volunteers who have answered Jesus’ call to serve “the least of these my brethren” (Matthew 25:40). Help those in need by picking fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields or preparing produce for delivery to schools, senior’s homes and soup kitchens throughout Israel.

Fulfill a Biblical Command in the Land it was Written for!

Biblical Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi were poor and with no family to care for them, they were rescued by Boaz —an ancestor of Jesus — when he followed the command from Leviticus to leave part of the harvest for the poor to glean. (Lev 19:9) You can relive this biblical story by doing what Ruth did!

Have Fun!

Jacki Mercer, Canadian Volunteer

“We want to thank Leket Israel. It was an experience we will never forget, a highlight of our trip, our time digging our hands in the soil, being immersed in the home life and families of the land, sharing our lives together with all our different cultures and personalities, and becoming family. We will never forget it!”

 Pastor John Ward, Canadian Volunteer

“What is so unique about visiting a Leket farm is that you are actually connecting physically with the land of Israel. There’s a connection with the people of Israel as well by harvesting food for the needy.”

“Sar Shalom Israel loves to serve alongside with Leket Israel yearly. Not only have we enjoyed picking veggies every fall, we know recipients of the veggies. We Love this work!”
Barri Cae Seif, Sar Shalom Israel